Goof: Presense and Play 9/30-10/1

On 9/30 and 10/1 we will be holding a very special weekend long immersion taught by visiting artist Dean Evans. In this workshop we'll clear away our protec!ve layers to get out of our heads and play in our authenic bodymind. Learn more and sign up here...

Clowndation: An Intro to Clown

An introduction into the world of Pochinko style clown, this once-weekly, six-week course will open up students to the world of interactive play and emotional availability. Open to students of all skill level. Taught by CPT's new artistic director Scott Ray Merchant. Thursdays 10/12-11/16 8pm-10pm.Learn more...

The Thinking Body Part 1 & 2

In this very special two part workshop students learn gestural grammer, body articulation, walks, counterweights and more. Extracts from the repetoire of Etienne Decroux will be taught during the workshop to fully experience this unique modern mythology of movement theater. 10/7-10/8 and 10/21-10/22. Learn more...

Chicago Physical Theater

Offering Classes in Physical Performace, Physical Comedy, Mime, Clown and Slapstick.

Now offering a 10% discount for:
- individuals registering for more than one workshop,
- performing ensembles of 3 or more taking the same class,
- repeating a class

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